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How to get shipping and payment methods automaticly

Started by Venkko, January 08, 2012, 19:21:33 PM

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Is there any way I can get shipping and payment methods to be selected automatically?

On the back-end I have enabled "Enable Automatic Selected Shipment?" and "Enable Automatic Selected Payment" and it works out just fine if I enter billing address or I have logged in as registered users.

On my case I only have one shipping method (which is allways 4€) and one payment method. Now when the customer goes to shopping cart he/she won't be able to see delivery cost (and the total cost of the products) until he/she have entered address.

Thanks! (J 1.5 & VM 1.1.5) (J 1.5.23 & V2.0.0)


Have you solved this problem? I too have no payment methods listed.