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Can you edit the META Title for Categories & Product pages?

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Can you edit the META Title for Categories & Product pages?

From an SEO perspective i feel it is important to be able edit and add custom Meta title tags to all pages, from what i can see virtemart only lets you add meta description and meta keywords information.

sh404sef is not an option at this time as it does not support VM 2.0 :-(

Just for clarifcation - a 'Title' tag and a 'Meta Title Tag' are not the same.

The Title Tag is expressed as:
<TITLE>Page Title Here</TITLE>
VM2 does that automatically for you. This is the important one for the search engines and for building the SEF url.

The Meta Title Tag is written as:
<META NAME="Title" CONTENT="Page Title Here">
VM2 does not generate that, but in my opinon it is not important. Google ignores the 'Meta Title Tag' anyway.
See here: ("Google understands the following meta tags:")

Sorry yes i had meant the <title> tags </title>

I know virtuemart creates title tags automatically but it is sometimes nice to put in a custom title which is not the same as the products name.

I have been trying to find an answer to this as well; as I'm trying to do SEO maintenance on a site and wish to customize the title tag to match a different arrangement of keywords other than the product title.

Yes. SEO is a great weakness of the VM. Necessary needs in the options of SEO settings in administration. Right now I'm dealing with a similar problem. Enter the manufacturer, SKU and title in the title chi. And I certainly don't want a category. I also want to change the title for the category. It would be amazing to configure it in the administration :) Take it as an idea for the future. I think the product sells good SEO :)


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