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payment and shipping

Started by clarckconnect, January 03, 2012, 13:51:46 PM

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i want how to setting virtuemart 2.0 payment transfer method and shipment method  by weight already search but still not have clue, when i set it this message always appears Please select a shipment method.


ok i solved this problem, when i use login i can do shipping and payment but my question is if im not login just check out as guest i cant do shipping and payment so how can i solve this problem


VirtueMart needs to know your country/location to be able to work out shipping..... So you could avoid registering with a username/password, but will still need to enter delivery/billing address ???
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after check out as guest i input information for shopper fields after that i click check out but virtuemart say no shipping so how can i set this one, but if i login shipment can show up and also payment.