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Cannot find store setup

Started by tthdoc, December 07, 2011, 18:48:18 PM

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I can understand tthdoc's confusion, as from the looks of it his concerns were more or less mine as well.  While UK English isn't strictly any different from American English, and the UK is the place of origin for the language; to see a different country than where you live, listed as any part of the configuration of your site; it invariably leaves you wondering if some setting for your store shouldn't be set to show the correct geographic location.  At the moment I'm only working in a local host, familiarizing myself with 2.5, but I was inclined to look into what appeared to be a discrepancy of the site settings, because if I were working on a live site, based in the US, I wouldn't want anything that might contradict that fact to appear in the system, let alone some ambiguous setting saying United Kingdom, that for all I know might cause a problem somewhere along the way when people are using the store.

At the very least it could be clearer that it's only the language and that the country listed has no impact on the operation of the rest of the site when it comes to the configured geographic location; or just simplify it to reflect a combined summary of both the set country of the store and default language - either one, in order to avoid this kind of confusion.