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How can I have the admin in french ?

Started by django29, November 12, 2011, 14:16:13 PM

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I installed Joomla 1.7.2 with Virtuemart 1.9.8.M and the language file french.1.9.8L.

Joomla/user config. on French.

But everything stays in english.


Nobody is using Virtuemart 1.9.8 in french ?

Nobody has an answer to my question ?

:'( :'( :'( :'(


Might be a small misunderstanding - where did you find a "french 1.9.8L" language pack?
As far as I know the last one uploaded to the forum has been the one attached to this post:
For more up to date french language files please download the one from the trunk provided in these links:

If you installed all the french ini files, Joomla 1.7.x should switch the VM2 language automatically to your default Joomla language (backend and frontend language settings, which can be different). Note, that you must have installed and configured the french language pack for Joomla 1.7.x, too.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?