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Started by Elnino, November 17, 2011, 19:41:25 PM

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I'm running J1.7.3 with VM 2.0.0-RC-2M

I've created a product. I've uploaded one picture for this product and then then generated Used url is:


The Used thumb url is:

I've copy pasted these paths into the same fields in another product because I wanted to use the same images. Unfortenately these paths are not saved when I hit the Save button. I assumed it is because these fields are just for information only and are not usable the way I intended to use them.

My only option was to reupload the same image on the server but it creates another file on the server + another thumb which is not super efficient in term of performance and storage optimization. Am I missing something? How to use the same images for different products without recreating new files on the server?

Thanks for your help and your still hard work!


have you tried to paste the url in the filter images box? and select the pic?
Worked for me


Yup thks BT.p it helps! Was not super intuitive for me to use this filter field.

Now I've got two other problems, the first one has already been posted in another topic but apparently hasn't been fixed:

  • I still have a problem with the thumbnail size. It seems to me pretty critical in term of interface accessbility: when you make a thumbnail size bigger than the default one (change it in the config tab for instance to 160 x 160 instead of 90 x 90) the new generated thumbnail overlaps the "red cross remove" button in the product images tab. Then you have no way of removing this image unless you go to the database and remove the appropriate field! There's two way of fixing the prob: increase dynamically the size of the thumbnail box (class vm_thumb_image) or allow a z-index and a relative position to the remove button so that it always appear on top ... You can as well always create a 90x90 thumbnail for admin purpose only upon images upload so that you don't have to tweak this box. What do you think ?

  • As an alternative I wanted to unpublish the file I did not want to show for this product so I unticked the box "File published?". Guess what? This setting is not saved ;). When I click on save button, the ticking box gets ticked back again as if I didn't do anything. So I can't unpublish this file and it's still showing up on the front-end.



to change the thumbnails sizes to larger ones.

EMPTY the resized folder.

THEN, change to 160 x 160 and config. Make sure dynamic thumbs are turned one. Then, it will create them.


Thank for your reply but I think you did not quite get my message. The problem is not to resize the thumbnail. This works well. The problem is that resized thumbnail do not fit the thumbnail image box in the admin section because this one has a fixed size (120 x 120 in the

The problem with the Publish file ticking box still stands as well.


This has been addressed in the latest SVN but it may change again in the future...

- Cleanshooter