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change orders statut

Started by Tee shot, September 08, 2011, 13:57:08 PM

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Tee shot


I can not change status in two orders status, there is a small padlock to pending and Shipped, how to change Order Status Name ? I have a message when I make the change.

QuoteVirtueMartModelOrderstatus::store TableOrderstates Order Status Code in record is missing ! Can't save the record with no Order Status Code.



Exactly the same problem
I see that ther's this problem only on two locked icon
Pending and Shipped. For the other you could change and you have the CODE FIELD (for example X for delete) that you can modify.
For the other ther's no possibility of change this value. It's seems the system, saving it, receive a blank value for order status code , and this can't be blank.