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Wrong in the VM 2.0 RC xml-file

Started by Madde, September 21, 2011, 13:29:52 PM

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In the XML-file for VM 2.0 (virtuemart.xml) it says:

Quote<version status="beta">2.0-beta3</version>

This made me unstall the VM 2.0 RC and then re-install it, because I became unsure of which version I had installed. I just want to mention it. No big deal, but I guess it's a timesaver for the users to see what version they installed.


Looks like you installed a more than 5 month old RC. The current version is RC 1.9.8.G  ;)
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What....? So the 1.9.8 comes after the 2.0??? Then, what's all the fuzz about VM 2.0? I mean, even this forum is named "VirtueMart 2"??  :o

I will try RC 1.9.8.G out. Thankyou for leading me back on track!  :D No wonder I had a lot of problems......


Wow! This RC 1.9.8.G is really something else! Fabulous work! I can't believe I struggled like a fool all day with RC 2.0.  :-[


Thanks for your commendation.

I am sorry for this confusion. It happend due the idea to use odd numbers for development.

The problem with that is,.. you can use 1.9 as development version for 2.0 or you can use 2.1 as development version for 2.0.

So in both cases we have a problem,.. people falling in the trap like you or they say why they should install 2.0 when 2.1 is already out.

So I can promise that after the 2.0 we will throw the system to the bin and just use alpha, beta, RC suffixes. I think a lot people are happy with that.
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No problem, I am just glad I found the real 2.0-RC-version at last.  :D

But maybe the 2.0 RC and beta downloads should not be downloadable from this page:  until they really are what they pretend to be?  ;)