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J1.7 + VM2 500 Error problem [solved]

Started by nnmaelt, September 02, 2011, 19:35:22 PM

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Hi my problem is that i tried all the different install-packages since the beta-phase and always end up with a 500 error-page during installation.
It happens right after the upload process, although every other component/module/plugin for J1.7 i've tried so far works just fine.

Could someone tell me what the problem is here? i've got a fresh installation of joomla 1.7 and i am clueless about what to do.


Perhaps the number of VirtueMart files exceeds a limit set on your server. You might try to copy the VirtueMart installation files into a temporary directory. For example: root\tmp\VM2 and then use "Install from directory" in the Joomla installer view. (delete the temporary VM2 folder afterwards)
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I was just about to write that i've tried that already but i tried it again and now it works! i wonder what it was

thx anyway for the "refreshing" advice