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UPS Online Tools 11210 , and redundant shopping cart

Started by k9disc, April 18, 2005, 07:11:24 AM

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Hey all,

Thanks for the cool product. I'll prolly dig up the answer to this question before anyone gets to it...

I am having some issues with UPS online tools, I keep getting the 11210 error:The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations.

I have tried many different locations (US to US) to no avail.

I have changed some of the info (package type, username, etc) and I get a different error, but when everything seems to be set right, I get the 11210 error.

What else, other than a bad address triggers an 11210 error? Is there something that I am missing?

Another issue:
In the first page of the catalog, the category view, there is an add to cart feature, and when that is populated and clicked, it moves into the product item screen and asks the user to add to cart again and populate the number of units. It is an extra step that I don't want my customers to encounter.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Watson


I just noticed that this is a development thread.

Sorry about that.

Still need help though.