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Thank you page with flypage
« on: July 26, 2011, 09:51:33 am »
Hi There

I know I am really new here, but I am getting a bit confused with this.
I am busy on a site that has Virtuemart installed and all the products have a fly page which has a form that redirects to the current page again, runs an if statement sends the data and displays a "sent successfully" message.

Now the owner of the site wants to install some tracking software on the site to see how many people are sending in the form or something like that.
The company that is doing the tracking software say they need a physical thank you page to install the software on. As far as I understand it though, there cant be a physical thank you page if all the products are using a flypage.

Should the tracking software not be able to execute in the same if statement that sends the message data?

Or what should or could be done?
Just curious as to what options there are.



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