Author Topic: what do you suggest is the best way to start using VM???  (Read 587 times)


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what do you suggest is the best way to start using VM???
« on: June 01, 2011, 05:52:06 am »

I have loaded the VM sample data and it shows on screen which gives me a good idea of how the general set up will look like on my screen, but I have these NEWB questions.

the manual does not seem to go into the way that you plan your site, ie how products fit into categories etc, it just seems to mention individual elements. There seems to be no 'recipe' as to how to go about creating a cart methodically. Is there another manual that I dont know about?

The manual doesnt seem to explain the value of modules. these are like add on elements that can be displayed anywhere but in the main area of the site - so I wonder how many people use these or all of them? Are some of more value than others? Do some take up too much space?

I am going to attempt to upload my products today, find a payment system and calculate postage so that I can work out how much I can sell my products for and still be competitive after postage is figured in. Is that what most of you do?

I think that VM is going to be an exciting and useful addition to my site, but it seems that the marketing or the 'how to' is just missing for it. I see other companies offering to do all the installation etc, but as a small business owner, that is not feasible for me. I look forward to your answers!

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