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visa module
« on: January 26, 2011, 16:49:18 pm »
hi, im new to virtuamart... i am creating a webshop and i would like a little help regarding credit card modules, i live in denmark and we have both epay and several others which cost 199-399 danish kroner per month, these modules will accept visa electron cards which as far as i can see is the only differnce from the freely available no cost modules, these cards however are on there way out having been replaced by mastercard debit cards, my question ... what is the difference between the modules we should pay for and the standard modules for credit cards that are available for free, i dont mind paying for the module but would like to know that the one i choose is the right choice for ease of use and security wise. As this is my first venture i consider this important as a monthly expense at startup is not good if a free module will achieve the same and not knowing how much custom there will be financial commitments are important to keep to a minimum, however it needs to work 100% so i would rather pay if this is a better all round module. Any advice please. gary