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Install VM in different sites
« on: October 28, 2010, 07:07:00 am »
I need a developer who can help me with this project:
It will be more of a Virtuemart web.

We already have VM in one main site.
We want that whatever content this Main site shop has, it will also be in the shops for our other sites.

The shop in the Main site has a few categories; ie,  leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development and the like. We want that each time, the category is updated with one entry , it will automatically update  in  the other sites (sites A,B,C ) having the same category.

Example: Main site  has added 2 new books in its leadership shop. Site A has a leadership category too. So, site A shop will also be updated.

If site B has a shop on personal development, then that shop will be updated once Main site  will add a personal development entry in its own shop.

Can anyone here do this for us? Please send me a message. Need a coder asap.