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User Groups question
« on: October 26, 2010, 20:08:58 pm »
Hi everyone.
Love Virtuemart, have a few simple setups under my belt, but this time I have to concede, I'm in over my head.
The store setup I need is this:
Joomla 1.5, VirtueMart 1.1.5
One store, one shopping cart. I have 1 custom User Group (not shopper groups) - Seller.
First issue:
User registration: I need the user to register and select one of the user groups: Seller, or shopper.
The seller group is configured by permisions to add products. The product are intangible - pictures for instance, or donations - and will be soled by the main store, at the seller's given price. Once the sale is complete, the store will pay the seller the price, minus a handling fee. This is not an issue tough.
Now what I need is:
- a way of letting the registered user to select the permission group seller
- a way of showing in the front end only the fields it is allowed to (store admin gives me too much access to the store, all I need is to add a product)

Thank you, and sorry if this post is in the wrong category.