Author Topic: VirtueMart working with Community builder + AlphaUserPoints  (Read 3062 times)


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VirtueMart working with Community builder + AlphaUserPoints
« on: August 23, 2010, 17:48:06 pm »

I think this is the right place to post otherwise please move this to the appropriate section on the forum. (what it made me think if this is the right place is because i need support and as well in this topic are included 3 third party extensions, so because it involves more third party extensions i decided to put this topic in the VirtueMart Extensions section) Again sorry if this is not the appropriate place.

I have found couple of (old) threads about this topic (for VM and CB user syncing and using the CB registration form for the both comps.) but i didn't find anything helpful.

1. Is there a plugin for VM/CB that makes them work together for using CB's Registration form? (i am using latest version now of VM and CB)

2. If not what alternative is possible (which i mean to change CB with some other extension?

3. This is what i need to do, and i haven't used VM before (i was just reading the user manual) so ill try to sound clear and specific trying to describe what i am looking for as much as i can.

-I need a solution for selling quiz once a week. (the quiz probably will be shown in the main menu so i need customers to be able to access the quiz, ONLY when they pay for it(i don't know if VM has the ability to restrict content such as articles menus etc, and to allow users to enter the content once they paid. Which means i strictly need something that will restrict that content (menu, for now maybe i will use module in future for showing the quiz.) )

-I need to make people to buy the quiz with AlphaUserPoints or CreditCard (i have already found and add a AUPcurrency in VM with a plugin, so again i must make customers to be able to pay with AUP currency)

note: i am using Community Builder because iv found it very powerful and free + stable, and what finally made me use it was that i'v found plugin for CB that integrates CB with Alpha User Points component.) If there is any alternative to accomplish my goal please tell me so. I am an beginner/intermediate joomla user, i have build 4 websites till now, but this project is really big for me atm, i keen for help, i have never worked with online shopping before.

Thanks in advance!