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Display Problems in IE8
« on: July 18, 2010, 19:20:01 pm »
Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section :-)

I'm having some problems with VM modules displaying in IE8.  The problem is the thumbnail images are being cut in half, so for example I have a Latest Product module inserted into banner5 position on the front page of the site but when the site is viewed in IE the images are cut in half.  This is happening on the product flypages also, whereby the "You may also be interested" is only displaying half the image.   ???

The site displays perfectly in all the other browsers I have checked it in (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.)

I have been searching for 2 days now and still havent been able to find a solution.  Can someone please please help?!?!

Thanks in advance  :)


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Re: Display Problems in IE8
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2010, 10:09:37 am »

I am basically having the same problem… :'( my site does not load completely on IE8, the half on the right hand site of the screen is missing. Furthermore the shipping method does not show in the checkout procedure on Chrome…

Did you find a solution to your problem and is it possible to help me?