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Started by eliada, May 19, 2010, 19:46:13 PM

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Great site!  Your theme and layout seems to suite your products.

When I went to checkout, my browser gave me a warning that the connection may not be secure and that the SSL was not trusted.  Not sure why that is.



Thanks for the kind words! :))
when it comes to ssl so, it is strange, all certificates purchased on my service are not trusted, I do not know how to explain it: /


I believe it is due to your SSL certificate being for only, but your website uses  You could stop this message by
a) change certificate to use
b) change joomla and virtuemart configurations to use only, and also make your htaccess file change all to
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Thank you for your interest in my theme, when it comes to a problem with SSL is lowmips thank you - you were right, I did everything according to your recommendations and move the walls! Thank you!  8)