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API - Create order with php-call
« on: March 26, 2010, 21:52:01 pm »
Hi everybody,

sorry, if the question is stupid, I donĀ“t know if VirtueMart has an API or something like that. My goal is to tell virtuemart to create an order also when the product is sold with a complete different system.

Some examples:

- I have Events that are handeled with DT Register. I would like that on every sign-in also an Virtuemart-Order is created.

- I have some squeeze-pages that only sell one product, which is not handeled by a shop. But also here I like to have an order created.

My Idea is that simply a php could make it. If the software, where the product is sold, creates a php that puts in a new order in virtuemart ... could that work?

Best wishes; Julian!