Author Topic: Is there a working Google Analytics/Virtuemart  (Read 41875 times)


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Re: Is there a working Google Analytics/Virtuemart
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2010, 09:49:46 am »
Just a thought... I am by no means a PHP expert but I noticed that when curly brackets are not used the ":" is added to an if/elsif block to terminate the if/elseif" condition statements in the PHP Manual? Could it be that your script isn't executing due to the echo statement being blocked because it's evaluated inside  the if/elseif block?
According to the PHP manual the following would be the proper syntax - note the ":"
Code: [Select]
if (file_exists('phpcipher.bin')): return include('phpcipher.bin');
elseif (file_exists('../phpcipher.bin')): return include('../phpcipher.bin');
elseif (file_exists('../../phpcipher.bin')): return include('../../phpcipher.bin');
elseif (file_exists('../../../phpcipher.bin')): return include('../../../phpcipher.bin');
elseif (file_exists('../../../../phpcipher.bin')): return include('../../../../phpcipher.bin');
else: print 'A required file <b>phpcipher.bin</b> was not found.';

If this doesn't work I also believe you can move the GA script outside the PHP block and eliminate the "echo" and just use a straight <script></script> block? I haven't tested it this way but I see no reason why this wouldn't work as well.

To give an update and a heads-up in case there is someone using ccIdeal and thus with the same problem.

using the : as suggested above crashes your iDeal. If u want analytics to work you have to contact the maker of ccIdeal and request an unencrypted version of checkout.thankyou.php and store.payment_method_list.php You can then successfully use the above guide!


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Re: Is there a working Google Analytics/Virtuemart
« Reply #16 on: April 06, 2012, 01:18:08 am »
There is a FREE plugin for basic E-commerce tracking here -

For tracking also pages of the ordering pages and the ability to setup Goals and Funnels - 8,99€ -


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Re: Is there a working Google Analytics/Virtuemart
« Reply #17 on: August 14, 2014, 22:15:36 pm »
I found a great plugin to track both joomla and virtuemart. The developer said me the virtuemart part is in php, so each time a "confirmed" order is tracked, the virtuemart is stored in google analytics conversions data. More, it stores searches related to conversions and you can set up to five goal. I use it everywhere, very simple to setup. You can find it at there's both a vm1.1.x and joomla 1.5 and vm2 and joomla 2.5