Author Topic: HACK: AutoGen Metadata Metatag. Product, Category. Title, Description, Keywords  (Read 435872 times)


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Will this hack support VM 2.0?


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Are there any more detailed instructions on the install process for this?

Sorry if I am missing something really obvious...  I am not sure how to run the sql file or anything.

Help would be awesome.


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Re: HACK: AutoGen Metadata Metatag. Product,Description, Keywords
« Reply #453 on: January 22, 2012, 05:14:38 am »
I have been replaced by the variables w your single-byte NON-WORKING!


 MY DECISION BELOW did not help!


HELP to finish and I will make COPY HERE FOR ALL LANGUAGES OF MACHINES double-byte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Any instructions how to make this hack work with joomfish? have a tab or some meta fields in joomfish product translation?

Hi, so me and this was no hack, I modified for multilingual website. There are small changes in the SELECT database. I attach the complete package with a version and files for joomfish. It still needs to be changed in the database table, also attached. It works great. Thanks for this hack.

This version works with multilingual website!

Ver.: 1.1.4_v1.7_multilanguage for joomfish
i downloaded your files and while i try to run the sql files (although the tables already exists, i get the following error at phpmyadmin : #1054 - Unknown column 'id' in 'field list' .
Also after i changed the files in administrator/components/com_virtuemart & administrator/components/com_joomfish ,i get the following/same error at the Joomfish backend when i choose  virtuemart product metakeys as content element.
"500 - An error has occurred.

JDatabaseMySQL::query: 1054 - Unknown column '' in 'field list' SQL=SELECT COUNT(distinct FROM jos_vm_product_metakeys as c LEFT JOIN jos_jf_content as jfc ON AND jfc.reference_table='vm_product_metakeys' AND jfc.language_id=2"


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No answer on how to use this hack with joomfish?  :-X


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Hello guys, first of all - thank You Forest for that hack.
I am trying to make it work with joomfish (J1.5.25, VM1.1.9). My default language is Czech and I have English and French. In the original language all works like a charm but if I translate a product and published it I click on the English flag for translation I am getting strange error I do not understand .. actually I am not a programmer just trying to built a shop ... I have attached a picture becouse I even do not know how to describe it. I would be realy happy if there is someone who could help me with that. Thank You in advance. Petr the image:
I tried to install this version: autogen_metatags_vm1.1.5_v1.7m


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Hi there guys

I am running J1.5.18 & VM1.1.4 and I want to know if any of you have succesfully installed this hack to work with the CAE9 (Custom Attributes Extended) Hack by Webgobe. I had this hack working perfectly as per the instructions provided. Many thanks to Forrest btw for this wonderful hack.

Every time i try and get this hack to work with CAE9 I have a corrupt back end in VM, by corrupt I mean nothing displays when you select the component Virtuemart. If someone has managed to get the functionality of the Meta hack and also the Custom attributes to work together I would love to hear from you, and of course your solution to the problem.

Whether it makes a difference, I am not using the Joomla default VM theme, I am using the Mynxx theme for VM. Im just wondering now whether I am updating the wrong theme files? Any help would be appreciated as I am just a beginner. I can only assume that because both the Meta Hack and CAE9 utilise 2 of the same files that this is what is causing problems, when I insert the Meta hack code into the same files that have been hacked for CAE9, this is when I get problems. If you understand that?

Any help would be fantastic.


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hi guys..i've a problem..this is a gooooood hack..t i've a problem..i can't write on category description..the description don't save.
i have virtuemart sef,acesef 1.1.9 virtuemart
can i resolve it?
the description product can save but category description don't save
hi at all from italy


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Hello. Can anybody help me?
I have installed this hack. Now I am trying to change meta. It saves but changes don't appear. What can be wrong?

VirtueMart 1.1.9
Joomla 1.5.22


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You're using a custom VM template. You need to apply the hacks from the standard VM template to your custom VM template.


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Thank you!
May be you can tell me where I  can do it?  :-[


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I have one question, and it si about UTF-8 encoding.
I'm from Serbia, and products on my shop have characters like č,ć,ž,đ.
When I turn on your hack, that characters show like �.

Use VM 1.1.9


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HM... maybe I have figured how you can set all UTF encoding.
I'm from Serbia, and here we have characters: č,ć,š,đ,ž.
I need instead that this characters: c,c,s,dj,z.

How you can made this.
Open files:

find the line in all files above:
$input_text = str_replace('_', '-', $input_text);

after that you can put every character to replace:
$input_text = str_replace('character to replace', 'character to replace with', $input_text);

you must repeat this in above 4 files.
all that files MUST be saved in UTF-8 encoding!

I think that I help!

this can be next step for Forest and coding...
add some extra field with character to replace, with some coma separator or |
etc: č | c, š | s, ....


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for some reason (that i need to find out :P) when I remove the string to lower in the line below it works ok :S

$end_result = $trimmed_title.', '.$trimmed_words;

You should nt delete the line. In order for this hack to work with greek characters you should replace on shop.product.details.php the function
strtolower with mb_strtolower. The problem is with the multibyte greek characters that the codes try to convert to lowercase and it turns it to "?".
I tried it and it works.
Well there is another bug with the stopwords, dont use greek stopwords because it deletes characters from words, because of the multibyte utf8 greek characters.
If the code was written again with full support for utf8 characters then it would be perfect for worldwide websites in any language.
Until then .... it works great anyway!