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Urgent help please
« on: October 31, 2009, 19:53:21 pm »
Hello, I am designing Perfume Mart and end user will have 2 browsing options.
1) By sex (Male or Female) - So I created category for Male and Female and all products added goes in respective category.

2) By Brand - Now I am confused here if I add all brands as categories and while selecting or entering product detail can select both SEX & BRAND so for example POLO MEN PERFUME - I will SELECT MEN AND POLO BRAND IN Category so it goes under respective heads. But How to display this categories by Brands only now? I made a page and added image linking manually to each category then it will not take Male or Female criteria work?


ON Navigation end user will have option MEN or WOMEN as they click either of one
they can see BRANDS LOGO (CONFUSE HOW TO DO THIS) and then Once they click on BRAND they can see all sub category of that Brands.

SO Example:

I CLICK ON Mens page
then I see all brands logo
I clicked on ARMANI
then I see all sub brands of armani like code, diamond, xyz
and when I click on that sub brand I see all products under that brand.
So here end user will see the description of sub brand and then below that list of products.... (BUT THIS SHOULD ONLY DISPLAY MENS Fragrance as we are on mens page)

Any Idea or suggestions how to do this please?


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Re: Urgent help please
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2009, 19:06:40 pm »
nice one thank you I will try this.