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Problems with Moving Virtuemart? FAQS

Started by PRO, August 21, 2009, 15:03:56 PM

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I've also disabled Ajax on the add to cart button like you suggested and still get the loading circle constantly spinning.  All the permissions are set so that all the files are writable so there doesn't seem to be an issue there.  I added the PayPal_Pro_US extension and since then cannot get the add to cart button to work at all.  Is it possible something in those files could cause this?  Or is this maybe a Joomla issue?


are you using express checkout?

I do not know much about that


I'm not even able to get to the checkout page.  When I click "Add To Cart" on a product it stays on the same page but a loading circle starts spinning over the "Login" tab in the menu bar and never stops.



you seem to have a java conclifct. try and disable the rockbox or some other stuff to see if it works


I changed domain name in localhost and it work well but with new real domain it can not work
When i click on Add to Cart nothing happend.
I saw you post but in fact i don't know how to change this
Can you show me more detail for this.

Thank you very much



My cart was working fine but I did have to move to a different hosting I already updated the database and all the folders. I did keep the same domain.

Now the checkout process works fine until I get to the last step, after I confirm my shipping details. When I click on my Confirm button the page displays a message saying your cart is empty... and that's it.

When I tried shop again, the product I purchased before was in the cart, but again, in the last step, page went blank, then refreshed itself and showed me the empty cart message again.

Any ideas... I got no idea what am I missing.




both the shop url, and the secure url have to be either www, or non www.

ALSO:::: are you using https?

how did you move your site?


In the Site URL I got as well as in SECUREURL because I'm not using an SSL.

To move it I followed
1. Dump the original Joomla MySQL Database
2. Install Joomla! on your new server
3. Import the Old Database Dump into the New Database
4.  OVERWRITE the folders

according to

By the way, this is the URL's site:

Thanks a lot! I'm stuck :(


that forum post   PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:19 pm

DOWNLOAD:::   akeeba backup

Now, go into your vmart configuration.

Under the "security tab"

UNCHECK all options for "Areas which must use Https"


I did the whole thingg again using akeeba.
Still same issue. I've tested all topcis related to 'your cart is currently empty' in this forum. From changing the plugins cache, playing with php.ini to veryfing cookies and session variables.... everything.

Nothing works out for me yet.

Still my cart goes empty on last step... Any ideas, what else can I try?


i need a test account to login, I am not going to register



for me all went well, apart from one thing: In the back-end, I am not able to edit or add payment options any more. The backend template and the css do not load (see attachment).

It ONLY happens at this specific place, all other admin sections work perfectly.

It must have happened when moving my site from the server (using Akeeba) to my local host. I discovered the issue only after restoring the site at my new host, then I checked the off-line copy (on WAMP) and the issue was there as well.

Everything else (both front and backend) works as a charm, only this particular back-end part is messed up.

I suspect that a certain file is missing or corrupt, but I do not know which one. Anybody who can point me in the right direction?

I am pretty desperate now, searched the whole forum and more, but all solutions solve the issue when this happens for the whole back-end...

Joomla 1.5.25, VM 1.1.9 (I know they are not supported any more, migration two VM2 is planned in the first Q of 2013 - after the X-mas season)

Thanks for your help!

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Quote from: Reggaeshop on October 28, 2012, 07:15:00 AM
I suspect that a certain file is missing or corrupt, but I do not know which one.

So, it was indeed a corrupted file - probably damaged during the back-up and restore process. After checking many different files and exclude different options by reading many, many posts on this forum, it appeared that the file store.payment_method_form.php should be the evil-doer.

Luckily, I had on my local drive an older downloaded copy (downloaded by FTP, not a real backup) of the site. I took the file from here, over-wrote  the existing file - and issue solved!

Important note: I thought about this option earlier, and did a content check of the two files, using PSPad ( - which showed no difference between the two. So I left this posisbility asided, only getting back to it after I deducted that it could be the only solution left... Lessen learned: Even a content comparison of two php files which shows no differences, is not a guarantee of identical behaviour within Virtuemart.
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