Author Topic: where can i find Download Plugin ??  (Read 3841 times)


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where can i find Download Plugin ??
« on: August 19, 2009, 12:23:16 pm »
Hello. Guys, help me to find Download Plugin for virtuemart.
Something like this -

With this plugin it is easy to create a download directory or a documents directory using SOBI2.
It allows adding an unlimited number of files to every entry.
The number of allowed files for an entry, the maximum file size and the allowed extensions are adjustable in the back-end.

For every uploaded file a license can be assigned which has to be confirmed if the user wants to download the file.

The list of files for an entry can be displayed in the details view and/or in the category view. For both views an extra download template exist which can be customized. Both templates are located in /components/com_sobi2/plugins/download/templates.php

Maybe somebody know?