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user can add product at frontend

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could you tell me how to configurate virtuemart so users can
add, edit, update and delete their own products at the frontend by themselves..?
but of course user can not delete or update another user's products..

hello, did you find a way how to do that?
I would like that feature as well.

thanks in advance

You could have obtained this  information by searching the forum.

1. Select "Allow Frontend-Administration for non-Backend Users?"  in VM's global config

2. Enure that the user being given access has signed up with full VM details, billing information and a shopping group. (check users under VM menu)

3. Assign the user  to Public Backend manager/Administrator group. (under VM users - General User info.)

4. Make sure than mod_login is diasbles and mod_virtuemart is configured to show the login module.

The shop manager then logs in on the front page  & an administration link iwll appear in the user menu.

Is this possible with

Is this possible with Virtuemart newest version?


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