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How to install the Language Pack

Started by Pisu, November 19, 2008, 12:33:28 PM

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Hello All,
I've have installed Joomfish with the Chinese Language font pack and have the translations working fine with the Joomla core. However, I don't have them working in the VM shop and don't see where I can input, update translations here.
What I want to accomplish is:1. Translate all categories in my VM shop
2. Translate buttons and other features that give call to actions.

I FTP uploaded the unzipped "Languages" folder from the " file package directly to my com_virtuemart folder using FileZilla.

Question:1. How do I get the translations working for my Joom 1.5.22 site with VM 1.1.6 stable working for my VM store categories, products and other features?



You must download a content element description file. You can get this from Joomfish.


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I have done and checked each and every step from this topic.

I have:

Joomla! 1.5.22
VirtueMart 1.1.7a

These do not work together, right?

First of all. In the very first post in this topic Pisu (thanks man!) show how to extract and copy the "languages" folder to administrator/components/com_virtuemart/

But in this version there is already folder called "languages"! So I use my own brains and I copy just the finnish.php (I want Finnish language) to this administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages folder. Then I upload.

Nothing, english remains like with so many others here too :)

Then somebody in this same topic said that this same finnish.php file should also be copied to each and every folder I can find inside administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages.

Sounds grazy but I dot it. Then I get this error message in the front end:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class vmLanguage in /home/catchlinef/domains/ on line 1879

So i guess we have to wait for a new language pack for VM 1.1.7a and then a decent step-by-step guide. So sad that new users like me have to spend 2-3 hours untill we give up and think it´s about uncompatible versions.

In fact it can be seen from the download-page
that there is no language files but only to VirtueMart 1.0.15!


pekizz you should use from

This has been already mentioned in this forum, eg

Language_Pack_for_VirtueMart_1.0.15 is for a previous VirtueMart version.
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i was telling to GOD: help me, help me,help me plz ... then he gaved to me the way that i should follow, thanks to god and every one that helped here.

if you have a question mark ?? ???? ?? ? or the arabic files are installed but the content is in english read this

here you have how did virtuemart worked for me in arabic :

first of all make a backup plz (using akebaa backup).

arabic files are installed but the content is in english or default language:
you should change the uppercase to lowercase here administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages/, that s means change Arabic to arabic.

now it should work if not then you should have question marks ?? ?? ???? ? ,so continue reading...

all my site show question marks ????? ?? ?? including joomfish translations ,that s means virtuemart and joomfish translations are showing ? ?? ?? ?? .

you should make sure that collation in mysql is utf8 general ci
if not then there is 2 methods
method1- before that you instal a new joomla site or a backup creat the mysql database that you will use and change his parametres to utf8 general ci ,then instal...
method2- if you already have the site working and it s big, use  "phoca changing collation tools" it s free ,but it may break your site ,so doing a backup before is obligatory.
method3-this method is better than method2- make a backup with akebaa  then reinstal the backup file and when you are in instalation windows of akebaa  chose "force utf8" .and it s done.

now the joomfish translations are working good but virtuemart translation are still in ? ?? ?? ??.
this was happening to me only online, in localhost it was working fine then when i uploaded the files to online the arabic was changed to ???????.
i downloaded the arabic virtuemart files from here
then i didnt instal it i just copied the language files and past it in the mine (v1.1. 8 )
i changed Arabic to arabic following this nice forum.
then this is the solution for the problem3
the arabic files are saved in utf8, then i changed them into utf-8 without BOM , and that s was the solution. thanks to GOD.
to do that don t use the normal notepad,instead use notepad++ it s free and the best tool for working with html and css.whene you download it open the arabic.php file in notpad++ ,click encoding, click convert to utf-8 without bom ,then save.

that s all

i hope this can help non arabic too.



i have also problems with multiple language and VM!

I have VM 1.1.19 and i have install the english laguage pack but i can not select english to translate my shop side

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Hello ,
I am using virtuemart 1.1.9 and joomfish 2.0.4 and joomla1.5.24. I am facing a problem in

language translation using joomfish.

I am using two languages English and spanish.

I set all the content in spanish and English in joomfish.

Problem is,
From front, When i am selecting spanish i can't see any changes in content and other palce.

It showing the content in english only.

I need to know , How can i fix this issue with joomfish?

Please reply ...

Thanks in advance



I have the same little problem with vm and multiple language...... It doesnt work when I want to select the English language to translation, although the english language pack is already installed...
By the way, vm is 1,1,19

Could anyone tell me how to fix it?


Hi. I had VertueMart 2.0.6 version. Downloaded and installed the 2.0.8c Turkish language pack. But now i had the following problem:

vmError: exeSortSearchListQuery Table 'db_elvin_29.h7z68_virtuemart_categories_tr_tr' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT c.`virtuemart_category_id`, l.`category_description`, l.`category_name`, c.`ordering`, c.`published`, cx.`category_child_id`, cx.`category_parent_id`, c.`shared` FROM `h7z68_virtuemart_categories_tr_tr` l JOIN `h7z68_virtuemart_categories` AS c using (`virtuemart_category_id`) LEFT JOIN `h7z68_virtuemart_category_categories` AS cx ON l.`virtuemart_category_id` = cx.`category_child_id` WHERE cx.`category_parent_id` = 0 ORDER BY category_name DESC


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Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum