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Download Feature
« on: June 28, 2008, 21:41:59 pm »
Joomla 1.53 and VM 1.11

just noticed the following bug:
The checkbox "Keep Product Stock Level on Purchase?" in the download tab is and keeps always checked.
If you uncheck it and save, the VM configuration file is updated correctly.
Because it stays checked, and you change something in the VM configuration, the "Keep Product Stock Level on Purchase?" is always be updated too and gets the value of 1 in the virtuemart.cfg.php.
Drives me crazy this weekend.
Maybe it is an idea to change line 1156 in admin.show_cfg.php to:
               <input type="checkbox" name="conf_VM_DOWNLOADABLE_PRODUCTS_KEEP_STOCKLEVEL" class="inputbox" <?php if (VM_DOWNLOADABLE_PRODUCTS_KEEP_STOCKLEVEL == 1) echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> value="1" />

This works for me....