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VM ProductSnapShots usage
« on: April 30, 2008, 19:49:19 pm »
vmProductSnapShot for VirtueMart 1.1


Change the y/n as per the instructions below to turn on/off things like the add to cart button, price and etc.



string id (product_id) replace XX with the product you want to show, to show more than one prodcut, separate with vertical bar |
string showname (show the product name? y or n)
string showimage (show product thumbnail? y or n)
string showprice (show the product price? y or n)
string showdesc (show the product short description? y or n)
string quantity (the quantity to add to cart. Separate with vertical bar when there's more than one product eg 1|2|1)
string showaddtocart (show an "Add-to-cart" link? y or n)
string align (can be default (empty), left, right or center)
    Sets the alignment of the product snapshot table within the content.
string displayeach (the horizontal or vertical orientation of the product attributes. h or v)
string displaylist (the horizontal or vertical orientation of the products.
    It only applies when there is more than one sku. h or v)
string width (The width of the Table element)
string border (The value of the Border attribute of the Table element)
string style (the value for the style attribute of the Table element)

Upgrading from earlier version.

In VirtueMart 1.0.x 'vmproductsnapshots' was 'mosproductsnap' hence you need to unpublish 'mosproductsnap' and install/publish 'vmproductsnapshots'