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checkout confirm, result and thankyou pages

Started by jaguar, June 19, 2006, 16:14:11 PM

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Hi paco!

READY! all work nicely! Just one last question:

im using this code to redirect the user from the gateway result page to my checkout.xxx_result.php:

       out.println("<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\">");       out.println("window.location=\"checkout.xxx_result.php, something like this:

and if u modify those values and do a refresh, the checkout.xx update the order status no matter the real result of the transaction.

I need to send those values hidden or Post to avoid this, but i dont know how to do it in java

All men die, not all men really live!


hello aramil,

Congrats !!!! Ok. I have the same issues with you, we cant stop user to modify the url parameters....if  values set are passed this way. But i am sure there is a way to do it.

Let me check with some of my programmer friends and get back to you.



All men die, not all men really live!


hi pacochin and aramil, i am now in the same situation and im stuck!. ok, i downloaded pacochin's tutorial and read it. when i try implementing it, i created a new payment module in VM, i key in the same values as listed in the tutorial. i copied the codes in the pdf apenddix and save it as the same filenames just to tryout

after typing in the codes in the extra payment info, and press save. it saved ok. But when i GO back in so that i can key in the values unde the Payment Method Form configurations, i get a WHITE page with the inout values for the Code etc still there BUT the config page tab empty. It also has an error called cmThemeOffice undefined. Please do help.

below attached the 2 images of error i got. please advise.

Besides this after reading the pdf tutorial, i also noticed that the location in which pacochin mentioned the files to create and its location. I noticed that the locaiton of the files are stated as administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html/classes/payment/

But this is weird. Shouldnt it be:  administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/
together with all the other default payment methods? am i missing something here? please advise. thanks


update: i deleted all the codes and add everything in again. now after i press save, i get a total blank page. :(

i notice that i get a blank page onyl if i key in the classname there: ps_commercepayment2 and save.

The tutorial also mentioned something about making sure that the varialble names are unique and not duplicates. i checked and  made sure already. I pasted the addon varialbles under :

class vmLanguage extends vmAbstractLanguage {}

together with all the other variables. is this right?

i suppose the coding in the Extra Payment Info under configuration is alright.

please help (T.T)


hi there. thanks for the tutorial, i manage to get the interface showing. Now a final bit before it actually gets it running.

I need to parse a few values in addition to the ones stated there in the tutorial. is there anyone here who can help me?

i would like to call frm the db and parse:

the product name
the firstname

i tried

"ProdDesc" => $db->f("order_item_name"), //the name of the product //added by me
"UserName" => $db->f("first_name"), //take first name of user
"UserContact" => $db->p("phone_1"), //the primary phone of the user

** actually i tried both $db->f and $db->b. whats the difference actually? please advise.

but its not working. can anyone help please? or do we actualy ahve to make another db query on this? to get this work?

thanks. greatly appreciated. :)


hi everyone. updates to the probs above. well i manage to call some of them by making another query based on what Axel did on one of his threads. But i still could call the order_item_name. is there a way around this?

Besides that, could someone please enlighten me on this matter please? esp pacochin :)

i noticed that frm your tutorial , the values are sent to the URL using POST as i noticed the action = 'post" part. But then when i click confirm, the values are being parsed yes, BUT i saw the values appearing in the URL bar, just like the GET method. and becos of this, the payment gateway company is not accepting the records. Is there a way to fix this and also a possible explaination on why this happens? i really dont know how to explain to them.. haha.. please help! T.T


Hello friends
i have one question i am using available solution for my payment gateway every thing works fine.. but my gateway notifies about payment in hidden way to the any url i give them say test.php.. and they don't send verification to return url.. my payment gateway is similar to paypal.

I have successfully implemented their Instant Payment Notification script and can modify my order status after getting notified, now i need to send my customer email notification. remember i have to trigger notification from an external file..

any help regarding this?
Virtuemart + Joomla extensions [url="//"][/url]
get Paypal extended, payza extended, moneybookers extended module that let you use 98  currencies nonsupported paypal/alertpay/mb currencies on VM 1.1.x and convert them to supported one at [url="//"][/url]

220+ domain extensions [url="//"][/url]


Virtuemart + Joomla extensions [url="//"][/url]
get Paypal extended, payza extended, moneybookers extended module that let you use 98  currencies nonsupported paypal/alertpay/mb currencies on VM 1.1.x and convert them to supported one at [url="//"][/url]

220+ domain extensions [url="//"][/url]


Hi Friends:

I have my site configured for 4 different types shoppers.

I needed to configure different paypal address for different types of shopper.

Does Virtuemart allows multiple instances of paypal payment gateway configuration? If so how?

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