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You may want to search a newer forum thread, such as the one listed immediately below.

But, with both UPS and FedEx, I have had an array of issues throughout the years using Virtuemart, most prominently the lack of accuracy when calculating shipping rates.

For United States shopping carts, I have found that the following must be enabled in order to calculate shipping for any region of the world.

UNPUBLISHED: Priority Overnight / Standard Overnight / First Overnight / International Priority / Home Delivery

PUBLISHED: All others not mentioned above.

NOTE: Home Delivery does work but we decided to remove it. Also, while we do not want to use Priority Overnight, we had to enable it, since it was the only configuration option that would allow calculation of Canada. Also, the results were the same using several different meters. And shipping calculations remained exactly the same for addresses in two different states.

FOR MORE: If you guys would like, I can make the various tests that I performed viewable on my site by simply publishing in a forum with permissions to all. I'd have to remove some information, though.