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Send a mail some time after the order...
« on: July 08, 2008, 11:33:38 am »
Hi there!

I need a little pointer..

My boss wants, that our VirtueMart-shop sends mails 2 weeks AFTER an order changed to the "S"-state. These mails should ask the customer, how satisfied he was with our service. The answer should be written in the database and should then be used to create a diagram.

I currently wasn't able to find a pleasing way to put this into VirtueMart. What I thought yet is the following:
- The creation of the mails could be put into some of the initialisation classes like ps_main, virtuemart.php or something..

- The mails can't contain the form directly, so there has to be a link to the website. This link needs to contain some GET-parameters to identify the user and the order.

- The link has to point somewhere on the site, where a form is generated for this user, providing the ability to answer the question ONCE. The answer has to be written in the db. It's the "somewhere", which I really don't like yet, since I don't know, where this could best happen. Maybe a Joomla-contentitem? Some kind of special shop.browse-template in a special category (which doesn't sound very elegant to me..)? I hope anyone has a great idea for this!

- The backend needs an addition to put out the data of the dbtable with the answers and provide an image with bars or a pie or something. This part is no problem.

The problem is, that my boss definitely wants the form to be integrated into the website. So it is not possible to display it in a popup or anything like this..

Thanks for your thoughts!


David Richardson

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Re: Send a mail some time after the order...
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2008, 13:21:36 pm »
Have a look at the JD Testimonials Component for Virtuemart, it has a built in system for sending emails to customers at a set number of days after the order is placed, it checks the status too to ensure emails are only sent to orders of a specific status.

The email is HTML and totally customisable so you can link it back to whatever form you like. By default it links back to the JD testimonial page but i dont use that i use the Jambook Testimonial so i link it back to that instead.

Have been using for a couple of weeks and all is good so far.


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Re: Send a mail some time after the order...
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2008, 13:24:23 pm »
Thats even better than developing it myself.. :D

Thank you very much, I'll have a close look at it!

Some time later:
I downloaded and installed it in my testmachine. Had some trouble though, since there where a few errors. I corrected these and informed the developer. Strictly said, this was not allowed due to the license. It is not allowed to change the source in any way.

Unfortunately the author intends to provide what I need in a future commercial version. So I'll have to do it myself again...

Thanks again for your help!