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Is it possible to apply dropshipping to virtuemart?

Started by stephenflam, June 05, 2024, 09:40:28 AM

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Hello, Has anyone applied dropshipping to virtuemart? If possible, I would like to know how you apply it? Thank you


Is dropshipping still a profitable venture? Considering the high level of competition and razor-thin margins, it's worth questioning its viability.

When asking about Virtuemart - do you mean integration with companies (import export) using CSV/XML files?

A lot of companies work this way. I also have several Virtuemart stores that send their current data to other online stores (not necessarily Virtuemart) so that partners can sell my services on their own

If you have difficulty implementing data import/export on your own - I recommend a very simple and inexpensive Virtuemart integration system with various wholesalers and sales platforms