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stock level not working in VM 4.2.4

Started by EIF, February 02, 2024, 17:24:21 PM

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I just update from VM 3 to VM 4.2.4, using J4.4 and PHP 8.1

On the product sublayout page the stock level icon doesn't work good anymore. It always shows a green bar, indicatint that it is in stock. But the product isn't in stock.
It concerns the folowing code:

<?php echo shopFunctionsF::renderVmSubLayout('rating',array('showRating'=>$showRating'product'=>$product));
if ( VmConfig::get ('display_stock'1)) { ?>

<span class="vmicon vm2-<?php echo $product->stock->stock_level ?>" title="<?php echo $product->stock->stock_tip ?>"></span>
<?php }
echo shopFunctionsF::renderVmSubLayout('stockhandle',array('product'=>$product));

Anyone have a solution?