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Issue with automatically filled placeholders

Started by Lukasss, November 10, 2023, 16:09:35 PM

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Hi there, i'm having an issue with automatically filled fields in checkout section after registration. I do not use placeholders for shopper fields but anyhow customers get per-filled forms with sample-data.


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I do not know if I understand correctly.
If you want the browser to stop automatically filling out forms for customers, just add this parameter to form:  autocomplete="off"

Example for the entire form:
Quote<form method="post" action="/" autocomplete="off">

Example for the selected field in form:
<input type="text" value="" autocomplete="off" />

By default, Virtuemart does not have this and it is very troublesome for the seller, because customers often fill out forms mindlessly trusting the browser's memory.


Thanks for the message. It's nat that the browser fills it and there's no autocomplete activated. It is a very strange thing: after registration the fields are filled with (always diffenrent) data. It looks like sample-date.
It is not a browser based thing because it happens in every browser on any computer. Switching devices, browsers even places doesn't change a thing.


I don't like to guess - it would be easier if you showed this problem directly on your website. Nothing stands in the way if you show the address of this website