Bug: Impossible to configure taxes and price by quantity on products in VM 4.2.4

Started by brassens, October 17, 2023, 12:18:35 PM

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Is not possible to configure taxes and price by quantity on products in VM 4.2.4. No option on the back end. I add joint a screenshot.
In the old versions we can configure the tax and the price by quantity range. Now, when I try to addition a new price by quantity range, the tax options does not appear. The tax is displayed static and cannot be modified. The two text fields to indicate the quantity range do not appear either. This is on the route Virtuemart/products
Thanks for your help


It is not a bug. Turn on "Show expert pricing options" in VM Configuration/Prices tab.
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Hello, my apologies. I didn't know about this option. Before it was different, I always saw option prices by range quantity. Then, since I didn't change any of the settings and these options didn't appear, I thought it was a bug. You can mark it as solved. It works fine now. Thanks!

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Thank you, Jenkinhill.

I had the exact same issue today, which is 5-13-2024.
Prior to today, I had NOT had the issue and that box was not ticked previously.

I'm sure there is a good reason why, but I have NO idea why it has worked for me for more than a year working on all the quantity pricing I've been doing on one project, and then suddenly today, they disappeared on any new child or parent I created.

I hope Milbo takes a look at this thread. "Something" changed...perhaps while Max was updating he cleaned up some code that allowed that option in configuration to "begin" working...?
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Because the prices are unnecessary complex, old vm1 stuff. Since vm2 it works a different way.

We have rules which works per categories, so using the "old parameters" just create more work than necessary.
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