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[SOLVED] Admin panel showing old style after update

Started by Agaton, August 30, 2023, 10:43:42 AM

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I have installed VM into Joomla 4.3.4 with PHP 8.2.8. Everything in the front end is displaying fine with default templates and I don't have an issue with front end, this is a back end admin issue.

In a fresh install, Virtuemart displays in the backend with a toggle menu displaying in the backend and layouts adapted to work with Joomla 4's new look.

Yet when I update from an existing VM 3 install the admin panel displays with the old styling as shown in the attached image.

I am sure it is a file that hasn't been updated or cache. I have cleared cache at server level but nothing changes. I have deleted all css admin files and reinstalled with no change to the display.

Has anybody experienced this before?
Anyone know how to fix this?

I have searched the forum extensively but haven't come across this issue.



Aha, After further searches I have found the solution

Thanks to Jenkinhill for the solution.