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Multiple prices with options

Started by baoquocmt159, November 16, 2016, 02:36:42 AM

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Hi all,

I want create multiple prices with options (customfield maybe) , for example:

0-100 (quantity) with Size M : 100$
101-500 with Size M : 200$

0-100 with Size L : 120$
101-500 with Size L : 220$

There any way can be done it?

Thank so much !


I think that you have some options here:

You definitely have to use the multi-pricing feature in VM.
As you may have seen you can can create as many prices as you want for each product and set a quantity range for each one.

Now if a size adds a fixed amount (e..g. +5 $) for each item no matter the quantity, then custom fields is the option.
If the additional pricing depends on the quantity, then you have to use child products, for your sizes and set the pricing range, within each child product.

T.A. Garrison, LLC

K&K - Thank you! You just saved me a lot of time!
My client has thousands of products and "steps" are very important for him. He's been unable to have the steps on various platforms they have tried, and his competition has them - but they don't have the speed and performance this site has.

Thank you - even in 2023.
I was just about to go through the effort of creating the child products to do the same thing as this extension.
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