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Missing source text?

Started by Margriet, May 22, 2023, 13:05:40 PM

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After noticing that a text in the shopping cart was not translated into Dutch, I wanted to translate it in Transifex. Unfortunately, I can't find the source.
What is also strange that en_GB.com_virtuemart.ini contains 596 lines and Transifex only shows 591.


The different number of lines is my fault. In recent weeks I didn't have the time to update the language files on transifex. I'll try to check and if necessary update the files today and tomorrow.

What is the the language key you are looking for?

Note that at present we still have a problem with the translations made available for download on being not up to date, because transifex some time ago introduced a new api and shut down the old one we have been using for many years with an extension called 'ctransifex'. Since the ctransifex developer lost interest in keeping the extension up to date, somebody from the VirtueMart team has to find the time to rewrite the code.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Thx! COM_VIRTUEMART_USER_FORM_EDIT_SHIPTO_LBL  was missing. I see that you added it today and I've translated it into Dutch.