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Mobile usability errors


Hi, I have noticed that the ‘Mobile Usability’ report page in Google Search Console has just started to detect many errors when it has always had none. I have not made any changes.

Text too small to read - 2669 pages
Elements too close - 2669 pages
Graphic window not defined - 2669 pages

These are the kind of pages it is detecting as errors

However, Google's mobile test shows that they have mobile usability

These pages are not supposed to be indexed, is this correct? How can I fix this?

I am concerned it might affect SEO

VM 3.8.8 Joomla 3.10.3

You are reporting template/CSS-related issues here, not VirtueMart errors. Template updated? Server PHP updated?  URL?

GJC Web Design:
try adding an exclusion in your robots.txt

no expert but something like   

Disallow: /*?*tmpl=

Thank you both for your answers!

I will try the robots.txt solution and see how it goes.

Thanks again!


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