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SEF problem with J4 and VM4

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I upgraded the site to J4 and VM4.
I noticed that the VM SEF is no longer working correctly.
I tried using Joomla's Cassiopeia template, but nothing.
The problem is solved only if I disable the SEF URL from the joomla global configuration, or from the VM configuration.
The problem is present on manufacturers, categories and products

How can I solve?

Thank you

GJC Web Design:
by waiting till the routing problems are fixed ...  should be next release...

but a bit of due diligence on here and you would have seen the many routing problems with the current release before you upgraded....

Mine is a test site and I was considering how far to go with the component.

GJC Web Design:
wait for vm4.0.8 -- should be soon  ( it's holiday season here)

it will be a big improvement re routing

Ok thanks

Happy Holidays


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