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Link to category not working when SEO is enabled

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I have situation:
     |__Sub category 1
     |__Sub category 2
I created two diferrent menu with types:
1. Menu item name: AAA. Type: Virtuemart-->Category Layout. Select a Category - empty
2. Menu item name: BBB. Type: Virtuemart-->Category Layout. Select a Category - Category 1, Sub category 1 and etc. (total 4 menu item)
When i disable in virtuemart configuration "SEO Disabled" to YES, url works fine (I can open AAA-->Category1-->Sub category 1) . But when "SEO Disabled" to "No" i can open only "AAA" from menu. I see two category: Category 1 and Category 2 with url to AAA (correct url aaa/category1/subcategory1)
J 4.1.4
VirtueMart 4.0.2 10661

SEO disabled

SEO enabled:

Oh man, Who creating two duplication menu for VM category and next report error????

Sorry, your mistake

Ok - for fun i deleted dublicated menu. Now i have only BBB menu. I can select Category 1-->Sub category 1 from menu and i see products. this scenario is working (this scenario worked with two menu)
When i select and click on Category 1 i can't click on Subacategory 1 (see attachment).

Btw: i have website with dublicate menu and it's working. but versions is defferent J3.10.4 and VM 3.6.10. As i remember i had same problem but my solution was like this. J4.x and VM4.x is missing this item (solution for J3x.JPG)

This is my solution:

Wow, that is really interesting raimiuxas. And your "doubled" menu items are a normal use case. One time you show just all products and then you have some "shortcuts".
Strict mode makes a difference, interesting. But really disturbing is, that you had to disable the category routing cache, hmmm.


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