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[SOLVED] Shopper info not saved

Started by EvanGR, March 11, 2022, 14:43:17 PM

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Saving a Shopper's information seems broken in one of my sites, and I need help to find the cause...
Here's what happens:

1) A user orders products through the cart, and chooses to create an account from the checkout as well. The joomla user account is created, but his details (address, phone) is only kept in the order. It is NOT saved in the Shopper page (Bill To Information).
2) If I try to add it manually from the backend, and hit save, I get this error: COM_VIRTUEMART_NOT_ABLE_TO_SAVE_USER_DATA
And nothing is saved.

How can I find what the exact error is and what causes it?


VM 3.8.9 10473 / J 3.9.27 / Rupostel OPC v.2.0.403.021020

EDIT: Providing more information...

- The vendor_id for this particular shop is: 1
(came preconfigured that way because it started from a template)

- Checking the table "jos_virtuemart_userinfos" and the fields "virtuemart_userinfo_id" are set to 0.

PS: I maintain a 2nd eshop with a similar setup (slightly different versions), and it works fine.

EDIT2: Solved.... the jos_virtuemart_userinfos table somehow was missing the AUTO_INCREMENT option for the ids... once I enabled it, the problem was resolved.