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SEF URLs and Insecure content in SSL and state dropdown problem

Started by PattyHultquist, November 06, 2012, 20:36:12 PM

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why do half of your featured product links redirect home?

also, why do your product links not have the suffix? have you filled in 1 in vmart confuration?

do you have akeebah admin tools?
Is so, that what I use to create htaccess files. You might have problems in htaccess

ALSO: you are not using windows server right? I know network solutions love windows


How was this problem fixed, I am encountering the same problem on vm2.0.6 (I cant upgrade)

I noticed that the state list is being redirected and not returning any values? It works fine when sef is disabled?

301 Moved Permanently 216ms   

301 Moved Permanently 100ms   

200 OK   177ms

all that is returned from this final page is: {"":[]}


Hello Team,

I am getting the same 301 redirects error for the state list for my Sign up page (website url below) and I am using SH404SEF extension for URL rewriting.

Please provide any solution to overcome this issue.


I suppose you will have to disable SH404SEF for your cart, account and VirtueMart registration pages. Looks to me like the VM scripts for the Country and State dropdowns doesn't load.

With the FireFox web developer tools enabled, you should see urls like this as the last scripts loaded, when you select Australia as the country and a state:

BTW - I think SH404SEF's url rewriting is an absolutely unnecessary tool since Joomla 2.5.
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