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Order list - Open in new tab / _blank page

Started by tcm2021, May 27, 2021, 19:04:28 PM

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I've an orders list page but when I clicked in number of order, URL changes but don't open it.

If I copy and paste the URL in new tab o get intro on the URL, it's works perfectly, but not itself when I click over.

Can I modify the code to open the order in a new blank page?



Works fine for me. What VM version?  Have you tried with a different template?
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You are probably using a custom template. Try VMBeez or similar.

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Thank you very much! I go to try with other template.



I've found the issue, but not the solution.

The issue is in "dynupdate.js", if I disable these file or if I disable "Use Joomla jQuery framework in FE" in VM configuration, the invoice list works perfectly but not the pop up "Go to cart or Continue shopping" after click on "Add to cart" and vice versa. Maybe it's a incompability in JS that I don't know how to fix.

Any idea?