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WebP image support for FancyBox

Started by sandomatyas, June 02, 2021, 14:59:44 PM

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Even so, why is the file indicated in this post not updated with this version of Virtuemart.
Something similar happens with PHP8, it seems that there is a problem in some language file and it would be fixed in later versions.
My files have permission 644 and these files are in their original folders, so the changes should be updated.

Studio 42

SVG is now supported by all browser in IMG tag, my request is from 2021 !


WEBP images can be generated with this simple free plugin:

Virtuemart's problem is that it automatically generates thumbnails - for SVG it should be disabled.
SVG can be easily displayed on the product page. Upload a png image to the product. and in a separate folder with the same name, add the SVG file (via ftp).
First you check in PHP if the file exists: file_exists()
And then (if it exists) you replace png with svg: str_replace('.png', '.svg',$img);

Ideally, Milbo would make a separate custom form for uploading images in SVG format :)

Studio 42

For Svg, it's really simple
If .svg, then do not create the thumb and use same file
2 years to add this ?