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3 languages and url problem

Started by Darko F., November 09, 2020, 13:08:00 PM

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Darko F.

Hi all, I have different problem, but might be connected with this discussion.

I have strange problems with url and i can't resolve by myself.

Structure of my webpage is following:
3 language.
1 hidden menu with language All - Top level category.

Public not hidden, 1 Joomla menus with virtuemart categories and subcategories for each language. (Shop, wines, red wine).
All others menu is joomla menu item alias connected to this menu as AH suggested.

Joomla menus categories alias are
- Vine
-- Red wine

Virtuemart product categories slug alias are:
- vm-wines
-- vm-red-wines (at product setting use these as canonical category)

Normal desired tree URL is and work most of the time.

But sometimes url appears as:
also canonicals appear as such, and google start index these

I try to resolve this wit htaccess, but is so difficult to do it with new product added constantly, please look live example here:

And also wrong one

Is so bad for SEO and start affecting my search positions, please for any advice.

Thank you

There in no problem if you fall. Problem is if you don't get up


Looking at the links contained on the 'wrong' page there are vm-shop links, but I don't see where these are generated.
Something I would try is:
Temporarily disable jchoptimze
Clear all caches in Joomla and jchoptimize (maybe check the size of the jchoptimize cache first - as far as I know it can become pretty huge)
In the Joomla menu administration click on the 'Rebuild Menus' button

Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?

Darko F.

My solution to this was in SEO Settings -> Strict mode -> unchecked

Maybe find somebody useful.
There in no problem if you fall. Problem is if you don't get up