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Re: Items not showing in cart at checkout
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2020, 10:07:57 am »
If you do not have any data in the database that You need to save, uninstall VM. This is usually not done because VM simply overwrites the old stuff. Configuration settings etc is not changed, which in Your case would be nice to reset, i.e uninstall -> install is the way to go.

When You uninstall VM remember to uninstall the AIO part first and then VM. Unistalling the AIO-part needs the core code to work.

VM does not work well without the AIO-part, so please always update both of them when installing.

As I already said, usually you do not uninstall VM before update, just overwrite. But if You really want to start fresh, unistall AIO-part first and then install VM core.

A good plan is to make a hardcopy or screendump of Your settings in VM for each page You decide to modify settings for. :)

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