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Started by mohtashimj, November 26, 2019, 14:48:41 PM

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Hello Team,

Is there a way that I can remove the "itemid=xxxx" from all the urls generating for the website? Because I am using sh404SEF latest version for SEO friendly URL's for my website and its working fine but when I am checking the database, the same url with different itemid is storing in database with same SEO friendly urls and my database size id increasing for these types of entries.

I am using Joomla 3.9.5 and Virtuemart 3.4.2 for the online store.

Please suggest your thoughts on this and how I can figure out with this problem.

Thanks in advanced.


The recommendation you will get from experienced users is not to use sh404SEF - it does not sit well with VirtueMart which is designed to work with Joomla's native SEF.  (just search the forum for sh404SEF).  As an example see this from (older versions) back in 2016:

Also, you are using old versions of Joomla/VirtueMart. Current Joomla version is 3.9.13 and VirtueMart current is 3.6.10
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