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CRAZY = Virtuemart multilanguages changues = NOT WORKING

Started by, July 10, 2017, 20:16:19 PM

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At a first glance it looks to me like you didn't translate any products into English yet. Check in your database if your xxxxx_virtuemart_categories_en_gb and xxxxxx_virtuemart_products_en_gb have any English content.

BTW- the urls look like you didn't rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess in the Joomla root folder.
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No I have not translated much yet, but thats not the issue either.

Its the URLs, they don't change as they should between the main category/menu name.

/index.php/nettbutikk/skiltplater should change to /index.php/en/webshop/licens-plate-frames
but it doesn't, it changes to /index.php/en/nettbutikk/licens-plate-frames

Its only the main category name (nettbutikk//webshop) that does not change in links, everything else works fine.
If you enter the correct address manually it works and the content is translated correctly.

Regarding .htaccess file, yes I have tried to disable it just to see if that had anything to do with it. Its enabled again now.


First I would suggest to add at least one product to an English language category. Currently VM obviously doesn't find anything there.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?

Ventsi Genchev

For me, this is a bug in the template or 3-th party module/plugin.
It can be helped, but it will not happen without admin and ftp access. And it will not be easy.
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I have translated one of the product and disabled the rest for easier use.

@Venci Gentchev
I suspected so much, but the template developers have looked at it and says it is not the template.
I really do not know..

If one of you want to check it out just let me know and i'll pm you the admin details.

Ventsi Genchev

Yes, I know well what the developers have said to you. :) I have a bitter experience and when I find the problem it turns out that the reason is with them.

You can send me a name and password, but keep in mind that I do not have much time right now. And as I already wrote, it may take longer.
Besides, I'm pretty sure that in order to detect a problem, files will need to be viewed, and for that purpose, FTP access is needed.
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I suppose it's a very basic language configuration issue. First I would check in phpmyadmin if Norwegian/English shop content is in the correct vm language tables.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Studio 42

i don't have see the topic before.
I wrote a module to switch language here and i can say that in some case, you have trouble to switch language in Virtuemart and it's why i wrote this module.
But you have another problem when you set the plugin
>"System - Language Filter"
  >Option : Language Selection for new Visitors
to "Browser Settings" you cannot switch back to default language if this is not same as the Joomla default language in the home page (this is not a VIrtuemart problem)
I already reported it to the Joomla team for some months , but they don't found a solution.
The language switch problem is mostly because Joomla and not VM.
My module do not work with 3nd party plugin because the module set itself the right link and need to have all shop translated, this is to prevent the Joomla bugs.