Author Topic: Issue with currency converter module.  (Read 1330 times)

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Issue with currency converter module.
« on: July 31, 2018, 09:16:53 am »
I found issue in VirtueMart Currency Converter Module.

Form Action is set using vmURI method

Code: [Select]
<form action="<?php echo vmURI::getCurrentUrlBy('get',true?>" method="post">
getCurrentUrlBy Includes just the basic variables from URL

Code: [Select]
$vars = array('id', 'option', 'view', 'controller', 'task', 'virtuemart_category_id', 'virtuemart_manufacturer_id', 'virtuemart_product_id', 'virtuemart_user_id', 'virtuemart_vendor_id', 'addrtype', 'virtuemart_user_info', 'virtuemart_currency_id', 'layout', 'format', 'limitstart', 'limit', 'language', 'keyword', 'search', 'virtuemart_order_id', 'order_number', 'order_pass', 'tmpl', 'usersearch', 'manage', 'orderby', 'dir', 'Itemid', 'customfields', 'lang', 'searchAllCats');
Issues :

If user is on a view which requires some variable such as seller_id as currency converter module will only consider some basic variables this variable is excluded hence after changing currency user gets an error as seller_id not found(form action is without seller_id).

Basically issue is when user is not on the VirtueMart view.